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Life Years Saved

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We just recently published what we call a "population effectiveness model" in Value in Health, entitled "Estimated Life Years Saved in Women with HER2 Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer Receiving First-Line Trastuzumab and Pertuzumab In the United States". We estimated the life years saved due to metastatic HER2 positive breast cancer after the introduction of trastuzumab, [...]

Part D Drug Costs

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We didn’t realize it, but back in April, CMS made Medicare Part D prescription drug data available. The raw data is viewable on the CMS website here. This might be useful for estimating costs for oral medications, or at least getting a ballpark idea of cost to use as a placeholder in other analyses or [...] R package

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This is a short blog post to mention that we turned our NHANES code into a package to make it easier for people to download the entire database and to pull in files for analyses. The code and details are on our GitHub repository. Please see the earlier blog post on conducting some analyses using [...]

NHANES data in R

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Background NHANES is a national survey of health in the US, conducted every 2 years. Unfortunately, all the data are stored as SAS transport files, and there are many files for each 2-year wave. We are slowly working on a package for NHANES analyses and have put some scripts on GitHub for downloading all of [...]

Rabbit in A Hat

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While working with Erica Voss from Janssen on creating the ETL Spec for SynPUF, we here at Outcomes Insights employed the Rabbit in a Hat (RiaH) tool to develop the ETL. RiaH was helpful in creating the ETL documentation, but we felt that there was room for improvement. We created a series of issues to [...]

Welcome to Our Blog

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Welcome to the Outcomes Insights blog. Over the years, we have developed a number of algorithms, processes, and methods for conducting research in healthcare. We have learned a lot about how research is conducted, and about the available data sources for conducing health-related research. Much of what we have learned is interesting and/or useful, but [...]