Welcome to the Outcomes Insights blog. Over the years, we have developed a number of algorithms, processes, and methods for conducting research in healthcare. We have learned a lot about how research is conducted, and about the available data sources for conducing health-related research. Much of what we have learned is interesting and/or useful, but not really publishable in traditional peer-reviewed publications. So, we are using our newly created blog to pass our knowledge and ideas along to anyone who is interested in learning more. We welcome comments, and suggestions for improvements.

Our blog will span the breadth of expertise we have within the company. Topics may include traditional programming (e.g., Ruby, C, Go, Java, Javascript, etc.), statistical programming (R, SAS, Stata, etc.), reimbursement and coding, market research, survey implementation, statistics, biomedical informatics, OHDSI and related topics, publicly available data, our own software development efforts (Jigsaw and its related tools), and anything else we run into in our daily work. We hope that people will find this useful.