This is a short blog post to highlight some work that Ryan did about 2 years ago. It is a list of all of the HCPCS codes (mostly J-codes) and NDC codes that we know about for these chemotherapy agents. This is based on a script that combines information from many sources.

As with anything else, there are limitations. Some agents may not be true “chemotherapy”; for example, there may be supportive care therapies included. And there may be some agents that really are not used for cancer at all, but were erroneously included in our source list of “chemotherapies”. And some agents may be missing, either because we have not updated the list, or because they were simply missed for some reason. This is intended to be a helpful tool, not the authoritative resource (yet).

We will create more tools for researchers, and will write more blog posts as we make them available.

Chemotherapy code tool