We are finally getting ready for our first production release of Jigsaw and automating the build process, so that we can install it on client servers very easily. This will be the first version that does everything that we want to do in building a study. This doesn’t mean we don’t still have a lot more to do. However, it is finally in a place where we can build most studies using observational data.

We fully support most databases, but we have done the most testing with Impala and PostgreSQL. In fact, we have spent a good portion of this year setting things up to work well with Impala thanks to Data Republic.

We are also getting closer to our first major user interface update. We have been working with the great folks at Envy to build it, and it is nearly done.

In early 2017, we will release a public version of Jigsaw for others to see. We can’t make it completely open for use with real data without violating data use agreements and creating patient confidentiality concerns. However, we will use the Synthetic Medicare data so others can see how it all works.

Also, we will be releasing our own data model very shortly. We think it is easier to use than others, and it retains more information as well. This is particularly important for claims data which can be very complicated. But we will continue to support the OMOP data models (v4 now, and eventually v5) maintained by OHDSI.

So, we look forward to a strong finish to 2016, and to sharing several years of work with everyone in early 2017!